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"The EZY PayPal IPN Protection Generator AUTOMATES Your PayPal Product Sales And Delivers Your Products In A Fully Secure Environment!"

This Could Be The Easiest System Ever Put Together To Automate All Of Your sales site Processes For PayPal IPN And Handling SECURE Downloads!

Barely able to create PayPal buttons and paste them into your reseller pages?... Don't worry, this is fill-in-the-blanks, push-button EASY! :)

Are you going to continue to waste your precious time manually doing the tedious things that EZY PayPal IPN Protection Geneator does in a few clicks?

Hopefully, not any longer. After all, the whole concept of computers is automation and to free you to do all of the creative, profit building things with your precious time!

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Date: Friday February 8th, 2008

"Automated and Secure Digital Product Delivery..."

In the process of creating your digital product sales sites, do you find there is always the problem of trying to figure out how to handle the back-end processes such as setting up the PayPal IPN scripting (for handling instant payment notifications) and ensuring that only paying customers are able to access the download page?

Additionally, I'll bet it's often a customer support nightmare... Uuuggghhhh!

If you just have PayPal re-direct your buyer to a static HTML page to download their purchases, you run the risk of HACKERS gaining free access to your products. You could also find your download pages splattered all over the forums and warez sites as these digital thieves give potential paying customers access to your products. Making YOU the BIG LOSER!

Having to email every buyer with their digital product purchase as an email attachment is extremely unprofessional looking, not to mention a completely unneccessary waste of YOUR time.

Seriously, why would you want create your sales sites or your JV giveaway signup pages using only half-cocked procedures?

"Here's A Look At A Typical Sales Site Setup..."

You create a sales site to sell your latest product or service.

So, you have an index page, a download page, and maybe even a one time offer page you've created, with a second corresponding download page.

"How Do You Tie Them All Together?"

Here's A Typical Manual Setup:

First, go to PayPal and create a "Buy Now" button from their system. You put the successful return URL in the button form (the URL people are suppose to be re-directed to upon successful purchase of your product) and a URL if they cancel the purchase that they're suppose to be returned to.

You direct a successful purchase to your one-time-offer page and add a "No Thank You" button to that page in case they choose not to take you up on your OTO offer which directs them to the 1st download page.

You add a download URL to your thank you page where your customer can download the digital product purchase.

To protect your download page, you encrypt the PayPal button so people cannot find out where your download URL is located.

That's a typical way of creating these sales sites, and it works just fine, most of the time. But there are serious problems setting up your sales sites this way". The most important of which is, any hacker can gain free access to your download and/or let others have free access to it too.

"PayPal IPN Protection Generator To The Rescue!"

PayPal offers a system called IPN (Instant Payment Notification) and you can use this system to handle a lot of the back-end processes for your sales sites. (I'm sure that you might be saying "Great, I don't know a thing about programming PHP scripts and I don't have a clue how to set up IPN" -- that's okay because you don't have to know a thing about it).

"EZY PayPal IPN Protection Generator" Is a Point And Click program that frees up your time and enhances your Internet Marketing and profitability!

What does a program like this cost? That's pretty difficult to calculate but, I do know that it will save you enormous amounts of time on every product that you prepare for market, automatically deliver purchases to your customers and ensure that only people who have paid, get access to the products. What is the value of your time and peace of mind? I'll bet it's a lot more than the $17.00 NOW ONLY $9.99 that you will invest in aquiring this system.

That's right! I'm darn sick and tired of seeing everyone's products just given away ILLEGALLY all over the internet.

I want to make sure that EVERYONE is able to properly secure their download pages by pricing this system so ridiculously low that even the most humble of begining online business people are able to afford it.
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